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New official disease status recognized b...

New official disease status recognized by the OIE

New official disease status recognised by the OIE The World Assembly of OIE Delegates distributed 17 certificates for official disease status recognition. Paris, 25 May 2017 – OIE’s official disease status can be issued for six priority diseases and are of major importance to OIE Members. Recognised by the World Trade Organization (WTO), as reference […]

Research Network – GREASE

Research Network – GREASE

Management of Emerging Risks in South East Asia. Dear colleagues, Please find details about a PhD studentship at the Royal Veterinary College, Hawkshead, London, UK. For more information, please contact Jackie Cardwell ( GREASE coordination team Flavie GOUTARD, GREASE Coordinator Cell Thai: +66864043981 Cell France: +33618616666