Detailed instructions to all potential CPD providers intending to log their events for CPD points for the benefit of Veterinary Surgeons in Malaysia

1. When applying for approval code and CPD points , please use the attached WORD file and send along the required documents as well in soft copy. cpd send out 1

2. In the event you are conducting a workshop with live animals , or animals that will be put to sleep fresh for your wet lab, you need to attach a soft copy of the ACUC consent from the facility you are working at.

3. At the latest, a week after the event, submit scanned attendance sheets with signatures to verify attendance, plus an excel file listing all veterinary surgeons  who have actually attended. When submitting the EXCEL file of attendees, please take note of the following:

  1. omit the prefix ‘Dr’ from the name column of the veterinary surgeons
  2. ensure the name of the veterinary surgeon is fully and completely spelt as in their registration certificate from the MVC – remind them about this on your invitation for your event
  3. I attach a sample excel file ,  in future please use/follow this sample format/template. cpd send out 2
  4. I encourage all CPD providers to submit the complete attendance at the event – because vets have been listed in the lists meant for non- veterinarians. However, when CPD providers become more proactive and produce accurate lists , the vets that attend their functions have less trouble getting their CPD points listed.
  5. Please cross check your signed attendance sheet and excel sheet for completeness. Some CPD Providers have listed veterinary surgeons who have not signed the attendance sheet,but have been able to provide photographs / photographic evidence of these veterinary surgeons at the event. This evidence of attendance can be accepted but is not encouraged as it entails a lot more verification work . Its easier on everyone to ensure the attendees actually sign the sheets. Assign someone in the secretariat to ensure this at every function.

Thank you.

VAM MVC-CPD Points Coordinator