image001A meeting was held in DVS Putrajaya with all the stakeholders on 7 Feb 2014 concerning the registration of animals under the pet passport of the Malaysian Animal Traceability System (MATs) project.  The meeting was attended by Dato’Dr.Vincent Ng, Dr.Tan Do Yew & Dr.Chong YC from VAM whereas MSAVA was represented by Dr.Nadzariah Cheng. Other members were from the Equestrian Association Malaysia & Equine Council.

The objectives of MATs are to develop a national data base to help in the control of animal disease, animal welfare, improve animal & product traceability and to promote responsible pet ownership. The main animals registered are dogs, cats, horses & rabbits. DVS has developed an on line web-based database and adoption of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This is in line with the requirements of World Organization of Animal Health (OIE) in the control of disease and animal traceability. The Pet Passport will be renamed ‘Animal Passport’.

The passport will be integrated with AAITS (Asean Animal Identification Traceability System) & FEI (Federation Equine International) especially for horses. VAM and MSAVA will assist in the distribution of animal passports. Veterinarians who have undergone the required course of training to become Veterinarian Bertauliah or VBs, are allowed to become the Veterinary Registrars for entry of registration information of dogs, cats and rabbits and horses into the MATs.

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